Larry Killip bio/profile


Larry Killip is an independent music producer/songwriter/artist residing in New Zealand. Larry makes eclectic pop/rock that along with Beatlesque influences tends to accentuate the positive.  He is also known as producer of more than a few famous Television and Radio jingles in New Zealand.

A veteran of live music in New Zealand, Larry has played in many bands from the late 60’s through to the present day. Notably his band “Larry and The Ladders” had several single releases and television appearances in the early 1980’s.

Larry is an accomplished recording engineer and apart from his own albums has recorded many artists from tape days to digital daw, starting mid 70’s with his home studio in Sandringham Rd Auckland - 1980’s running Echopark Studios in City Rd Auckland - 1990’s sharing time at the famous Lab Studios Symonds St Auckland. Then as the Internet improved Larry worked from his home Studio in Lynfield Auckland and has been based there ever since.

Any particular present day could see him recording his own music, producing a jingle or doing audio post on a television program or tinkering with his 1962 MK2 Jaguar.

First Band:  The Zarks

First Record: “Home” B/w “I’ve Got Time” Philips 6036012

First TV appearance: Happen Inn 1972

Subsequent TV: Studio One, Radio With Pictures, Shazam, Drop Of Kulcha, Telethons, TV1 Good Morning Show, TV3 “Get Your Act Together”, TVNZ7 The Ad Show, Stratos “The Beat Goes On”

Bottom left..Studio One 1973                                                              45 releases 1970’s thru 80’s


Notable band: Larry and The Ladders  1980’s

Most well known jingles:  Giltrap City Toyota, Briscoes, Gotta Get A Garage, Columbine

Albums to date:  Wild Sky, Good To Getaway, Never Going Back, When I Was A Boy

Musical Moment:  Onstage performing at Nambassa Music Festival (NZ) 1979 to 30,000+

Musical Moment: Number One Indie Pop Cashbox Magazine

Musical Moment: Sth Pacific Song Contest “Best Pop Vocal”

Musical Moment:  Voted No.1 Garageband website “When I Was A Boy” Nov 1999

Video clips: “Larry Killip” heaps’s one               

Press 2000’s Welcome To The Jingle

Larry’s music: CDBaby, iTunes, Amplifier,, Reverbnation to name a few.